Radio Therapy

Radio Therapy refers to the treatment via Ionizing Radiation to kill the malignant cancer cells. It is generally useful in containing the growth of malignant cells and may also be used as curative treatment. We have tie up with hospitals who are fully equipped with latest machines and equipment and who have all the latest technology like Linear Accelerators and various kinds of CT and MRI machines also Gamma Knife, Cyber knife, Conventional Linear Accelerators etc.


Here the patient got injected with some Antineoplastic drugs in the body, that can kill cancer cells. An Oncologist plays major role here as he would decide the kind of drug to be used for Chemotherapy. It is used in treating various kinds of Cancers. The Target chemotherapy is now preferred over conventional which directly act against the abnormal proteins in the cancer cells. This is called Targeted Chemotherapy Treatment.

Bone Marrow Transplants

Bone marrow is found inside our bones, and is the ‘factory’ that makes blood. It is responsible for producing white blood cells (to protect against infection), red blood cells (to carry oxygen around the body) and platelets (to prevent bleeding). Bone Marrow Transplantation is used to treat certain cancers like leukemia, lymphomas and some non-cancerous diseases -thalassaemia . Stem cells are blood cells at their earliest stage of development in the bone marrow, before they have become committed to developing into white cells, red cells or platelets.

Types of transplants – Autologous and Allogenic.

  • Autologous Transplants: This means that the bone marrow or stem cells used would be patient’s own for transplant. A small amount of the patient’s bone marrow or stem cells is taken and stored before the treatment. When the treatment is over, the bone marrow or stem cells are inserted back to the patient through a vein.
  • Allogeneic Transplants: In this type of transplant, where bone marrow used for the treatment is donated by someone else. It is essential that the donor’s tissue match. The most suitable donor is usually a close relative, most commonly a brother or sister. It is possible to get a good match from an unrelated donor, but this facility does not exist in India.
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