Teeth are the most important feature of the face. They are not only important for the digestive system, but are also responsible for giving proper shape to the face. The science dealing with dental problems and their procedures is known as dentistry. Did you know people from all over the world travel to India for affordable and genuine dental services? Medical Tourism in India enables international patients to save on dental treatments while exploring India.

And health Guardians always keen to help people who want to avail low-cost dental care services from renowned dental specialists. Dental and oral surgeons working with us are well experienced and are capable to treat almost all the dental problems from routine checkups to detailed implants; from dental surgeries to tooth removal and corrective jaw surgeries.

Types of Dental Treatments

    It’s recommended to patients who have severe damaged or decayed tooth and causing regular pain with inflammation & infection also. RCT is also known as Endodontic. It’s really important to treat your tooth problems and if ignored they can cause serious infections and can also lead to oral cancer.
    RCT can be done in 2-3 visits depending on the type of location of the tooth & also the infection. The Dentist creates a small hole in the infected tooth & removes the nerves & pulp of that area to counter the infection from spreading. By this simple procedure you will now have tooth like never had infection before.
    It’s an affordable treatment for patients who seeking tooth removal for a broken tooth and for patients are missing few teeth. Nowadays people are switching to this procedure rather than going for expensive tooth implants.
    It’s very successful in restoring your smile back and restoring the tooth alignment. Our empanelled hospital dentists are well versed with the latest technology to make dental treatment comfortable and smooth for the patients. The patients who come especially to India for Dental treatment choose Health Guardians for their services because to expert & most reliable treatment we provide.
    It’s a unique treatment – a bond between two fields of medicine that focus on the knowledge of salivary gland illnesses, facial pain, neck cancer, impacted teeth, temporomendibular disorder and facial disproportions.
    It further deals with oral mucosa like Ulcers & mouth contagions. If your are suffering from any of these issues health Guardians are the answer to your problems as we are dealing with the best maxillofacial surgeons of India with affordable prices.
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"We would like to thank to the team of Health Guardians India, who have directed us to Apollo Spectra hospitals for the treatment in india, New Delhi.

We have seen the high commitment of the team and clarity in every transaction. We will thank the team for suggesting Dr.Nipun Bajaj for the treatment because of which we have experience the change in the condition of my daughter Mrs. JINAN FADHIL MAHOOD from IRAQ.

we once agian thank the team Health Guardians India for thier support and Guidance from the beginning till last."


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